The Brides of the Kindred, #13

The Kindred series picks up right where it left off, thank goodness. Stavros showed himself to be a good guy in the last book even though he is cursed. That hasn’t changed, even though he’s under arrest.

Stavros is a big brave warrior afraid to embrace something vital to all kindred due to the curse he carries in his body and on his skin. The markings that move around on his body look like a tattoo to us Earthers, but it’s an abomination on his homeworld. Since coming to the planet Earth with his fellow kindred he’s more accepted but keeps himself separate due to the lessons life has taught him. He is, in a word, lonely.

Charlotte, or Charlie, has cut herself off from extraneous emotion due to the loss of her sister. While at times I found her convictions ludicrous and childish, she analyzes herself with unerring accuracy when it counts the most and lets herself love. She and Stavros are thrown together and must work together but don’t have the traditional start of a Kindred pairing such as dream sharing. Good old chemistry helps just fine in that area.

Big problem though; Charlie denies any attraction even though her body is screaming "yes!" and Stavros is hearing it just fine. I didn't like the way she treated him at times as a way to deflect him. I found her behavior spiteful and mean during these bouts. But Stavros persevered and Charlie proved herself worthy in the end.

The plot continues to weave about with spectacular world building and vivid imagery. Things got dicey, of course, and the book moved along at a comfortable pace. We were once again presented with the maniacal Two and his resident (as in sharing Two’s body) demon sidekick Ur who played protagonist along with a new spooky entity. A very welcome addition to this never-ending, highly entertaining series and as always, the author provided a teaser for the next book.

Book Blurb for Cursed

Commander Stavros Rii of the Kindred is a Sin Eater--thick black lines cover his back and neck causing him to feel the pain of others. It is a curse that threatens to shorten his life and makes him unable to bond with a female--not that he's ever found one he wants to bond with. Until he meets Charlie.

Charlie Sayers is an agent with the Earth Protection Bureau-- and anti Kindred agency dedicated to ridding the world of the big aliens. Charlie joined the EPB out of a sense of patriotism but she has her own reasons to hate the Kindred.

But she has bigger problems than the Kindred at the moment--the Enhanced Ones have come to Earth and they're planning to take over the planet, enslave the inhabitants and strip them of all emotion. Charlie can't have that so she agrees to go undercover with Stavros to find the Heart of Love--an artifact which can destroy their mutual enemy forever.

On their dangerous and difficult mission, Charlie learns that going undercover with your worst enemy can rapidly turn him into your best friend...or your lover. Can she hold on to her beliefs and stay true to herself, or will she lose her heart to Stavros? And even if she gives in to desire, will Stav be able to bond her to him?

Or are they Cursed to be apart forever?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2014 4.50