Crossing the Line

Can love conquer all? According the United States military that would be a no. There are rules, and Carrie and Beau take the military, and their rules, very seriously. While everyone else around them breaks the rules, and gets away with it, they deny themselves.  Until they can’t any longer!
In real life, this would be a nightmare. Finding that other person who completes you, they feel the same, but a rule says it’s forbidden. I was really upset reading this, trying to figure out how they could be together. Fortunately the author took care of that for me at the end. Whew! 
Well written, with a lot of detail about military life, Crossing the Line was a satisfying read. The fact that both Beau and Cassie were fighting their attraction made for a lot of tension and a satisfying read. The injustices played out in print were really annoying, mostly because they happen in real life. But the way the characters handled their feelings and themselves were a great read. 

Book Blurb for Crossing the Line

In this modern day tale of forbidden romance, can love conquer all?

Carrie Armstrong joined the Air Force seeking education, experience, and travel. What she didn't expect to find was the one thing military rules clearly state she can't have, Staff Sergeant Beau Adams.

Throughout the 14 years of his life that Beau has dedicated to the Marine Corps, he's never had reason to regret his decision to make the military his career, until now, when loving Carrie, the only woman he can picture growing old with, could cost him his future.

As the tension between them increases to the breaking point, their ability to resist temptation weakens. Forced to make a choice, do they willingly risk everything they've worked so hard to gain by crossing the line?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 3.75