Crossing Quinn

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Crossing Quinn

Coletti Warlords

This is a tale of the Jones crew from a masculine slant. You might remember Quinn was changed to Coletti less than voluntarily and he is now on the radar of the Overlord. Not an especially good place to be, but it does have perks.

The perk is Xenia, budding archaeologist extraordinaire with a little something extra in her DNA makeup. It's that something extra that has her on the chopping block, or marriage mart, depending on who you talk to. Her uncle, the Overlord, is the matchmaker. She's to be collected by Quinn, but a great discovery has been made and she's determined to stay and explore with her parents. What could go wrong?

Catastrophe rained from the sky, and most of it could be traced to Xenia's mother. Her mother is a prime example of scholarly genius and zero common sense. I enjoyed the story with all its twists and turns, but felt little chemistry between Quinn and Xenia. I found her parents relationship more interesting. The story moved quickly with the expected snark, familial meddling, the collecting of sentient creatures as friends, one-upping their opponents, until the culmination of a sanctioned relationship. A light comedic romance with the added bonus of gore.

Book Blurb for Crossing Quinn

Quinn Jones is a formidable Coletti warlord. His mission is to capture Xenia and bring her back to Tanith to be mated with a warrior the Overlord has chosen. Problem is, Quinn finds himself falling for the beautiful Farin. Her unusual "psychic powers, combat training, and berserker abilities" make her the perfect mate for him. How does he convince Xenia and the Overlord that she's meant to be his?

Xenia and her parents are relic hunters who just discovered the fabled home world of the Nabateans. She isn't about to leave the greatest find of the century to hook up with some Coletti. Not happening. Ever. No matter how many threats the Overlord makes or that he's sending his best hunter to apprehend her. Okay, she'll admit she's drawn to the handsome warlord and she loves the way Quinn's heavily muscled body fills out his black battle suit, but the egotistical jerk is about to get his ass handed to him.

When the galaxy is threatened with annihilation, Xenia and Quinn join forces to stop the murderous Tai-Kok. Fate has brought them together and nothing will stand in the way of their victory or their love.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2018 4.00