Cowboys Don't Dance

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Cowboys Don't Dance

Angela has had a thing for Jesse forever. He’s her brother’s best friend and has always been around. As she’s grown so have her feelings. Now she loves Jesse as a woman and yearns for him to see her as one.  When he returns home to stay, she’s determined to make him notice her. But there’s the pesky problem of a fiancé…
Jesse doesn’t know how it happened. Everyone thinks he’s engaged but he never asked the woman making all the announcements and plans.  When he gets talked into taking dancing lessons with Angela, his best friends little sister, he’s shocked to find her all grown up…in all the right places. When she makes an offer for a sexual relationship, totally secret, he jumps at the chance. But he finds more than sex with Angela, he finds love. Now he has a mess and doesn’t know how to clean it up. How to get rid of the fiancé he never asked? How to inform her brother he’s in love with her? How to let Angela know he wants more than the fling she suggested?
This was a good read. While I enjoyed the interactions between Jesse and Angela it was a little too easy how they fell into bed together. Well, not bed actually. They seemed to do it everywhere but in a bed! The sex was well-written and definitely steamy. Angela’s feelings of betrayal and anger were a little hard to accept since the no-strings affair was her idea in the first place. The rabid fiancé was too dramatic and I would have kicked her to the curb long before Jesse got around to it. I truly think she needed to be institutionalized; she was that out there. 

All in all, there was nothing new or creative about the storyline, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. It delivered where it mattered; a happy ending. 

Book Blurb for Cowboys Don't Dance

Word Count: 30,955
Jesse has no problem attracting women, but all they want is a relationship, marriage, family—the works.
Angela, his best friend's baby sister, is the only woman he never thought of as girlfriend material. That is, until she gives him dance lessons and he discovers beneath her prim, repressed shell is the sexual temptress he's always wanted.
Angela is attracted to Jesse, but their relationship can't be anything but complicated since he's engaged to another woman, or so she thinks. When Jesse reveals the truth behind his "engagement," and his feelings for Angela, will the flames of desire still burn hot, or is Angela just after a bad boy?
Sex and sin never went together so well.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 3.25