Cowboy and the Thief

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Cowboy and the Thief

Even though her hair is black, Angel Manning has a fierce Irish temper. When her father sells a family heirloom that was to be hers to cowboy Jack Riley, she goes off the deep end. After begging Jack not to buy the heirloom, and he refuses, she vows to get it back any way she can. And she means it.

Jack Riley isn’t surprised when his home is broken into by none other than Angel Manning. She made her intentions clear; he just didn’t believe her. Since she tormented him the entire time he was at her home, he decides to torment her back. Only he’ll get what he didn’t get in Ireland. Her.

Yowza. The chemistry between these two was scorching. The anger and obsession leapt off the pages and I was breathless waiting to see where the story would lead. Flagrantly sexual, Jack makes no secret of his desire for Angel. Angel wants Jack back, but is fearful for her heart. And what of the destiny promised by the heirloom? Very emotional and powerful, this was one of the best reads I’ve encountered in quite a while.

Book Blurb for Cowboy and the Thief

The owner of the ancient Irish Torque will always be an Irish lass. The wearer, the lover of her heart and soul.

It's Angel Manning's legacy and has sparked dreams of an unknown lover who would fill her nights with heat, her heart with joy.

But when her father sells the Torque to Jack Riley against her wishes, destiny and fate are put in motion. She'll get it back if she has to steal it. But Jack catches her, and he's not giving it up without a fight.

Note: Previously available in the A Wish, A Kiss, A Dream anthology.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 4.75