Courted by a Cowboy

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Who as a teenage girl didn't lust after that hot Dad? I would have much preferred it been a girlfriend's Dad, not her high school boyfriend's, but hey! I didn't write the story. The author dealt with the ewww factor I associate with a father and son being with the same women in the book, sort of. Enough of my pet peeves. I liked that there was no hesitation on Colt's part; he just went for it. Having lived his life in an unhappy marriage he'd had enough pretending. Whitney, while technically an adult, seemed a little immature to me but handled things nicely.

I found the references to Colt's age and the need for medical intervention in the bedroom hysterical; other's may not. The drama that drove Whitney home was kind of skimmed over and I felt it needed a bit more attention. All in all a good quick read for the lunch hour or while waiting for a doctor's appointment. Unless it's for your blood pressure; then you might want to skip. Things get a little heated!

Book Blurb for Courted by a Cowboy

Whitney James was at a crossroads in her life. After a scary incident in the classroom where she teaches high school English, she flees Chicago and heads back to where she was raised in Missoula, Montana. Thinking that maybe a career change is what she needs, she attends a first year law school lecture and sees Colt Robson. Whitney used to date Colt’s son Mark, in high school. Seeing Colt again, but this time older, and with just as much sex appeal, she realizes that she’s always had a crush on him.

Now divorced, Colt is immediately smitten with the older and curvier Whitney. Will she accept his invitation for dinner and if so, will she be willing to be courted by a romantic, old-fashioned cowboy?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 3.50