Conflicting Interests

Their first meeting was an epic disaster, both walking away not liking (but lusting after) the other. Their second meeting is after Katrina is attacked in her home. Not the most auspicious of beginnings. We know Kat is a single woman, living alone, with a wealthy best friend. We also know Dillon is a single parent, with an awesome older sister who co-parents and enables him to keep his job as a detective. Kat and Dillon are worlds apart but are drawn together and then forced apart by rules set by the police department. That makes for some soul-searching and major decision making on Dillon's part.

The story dove right into the "must have you" territory and I couldn't get on that train. What kept me reading more than anything else was who was stalking Kat and why? The author really had my attention there, not so much with the romantic side of the story. Dillon could run hot and then cold with no warning whatsoever. Kat made some WTF decisions totally disregarding her circumstances that put others at risk, something she proclaimed quite loudly she didn't want to do. The story moved quickly and kept me motivated to keep going, the sex was steamy and sometimes a little risque but the characters didn't stick to what I inferred were their personalities. Dillon went from stoic and protective to possessive and cold when crossed. Kat? She goes from plucky independent woman into an alternately needy/too-stupid-to-live woman based on her mood and the situation. I read the story, enjoyed it, but once set down had no burning need to pick back up and finish immediately.

Book Blurb for Conflicting Interests

English teacher Katrina Page’s patience is put to the test when sexy detective Dillon Adler saunters into her classroom forty-five minutes late for parent-teacher conferences. Their first meeting is anything but amicable—but they’re soon together again in an entirely different and more unpleasant situation.

When Dillon responds to a home invasion and assault, the last person he expects to see is his son’s fiery-tempered—and damn attractive—teacher, who has been haunting his thoughts since he aggravated her only days before.

It soon becomes clear that Katrina’s attacker’s intentions are far more sinister than anyone initially realized and Dillon and Katrina’s time together becomes a necessity. But as the investigation heats up and their attraction mounts, Dillon is faced with a choice. Ignore the rules about getting involved with a witness—or risk it all for love.

A Romantica® contemporary erotic suspense romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 3.50