Compromising Charis

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Compromising Charis

Charis is tired of being painted with the ruined brush. So she was found naked in bed with her fiancé. So what??? Years later she is still rusticating in the country and her fiancé, who her father didn’t approve of, has died in the war. Now she finds she is being handed off to the first man to ask for her hand, sight unseen. Unwilling to stick around she makes a run for it to her gypsy friend to raise horses and live her life as she chooses.

Sinjun was married once but is now a widow. A man with sexual appetites he never dared show his wife, he’s intrigued by Charis and her tale of escape and lost innocence. When she makes a proposition he can’t help but go along with it. How often does something like this happen? The fact that he is the "sight unseen" fiancé never enters the conversation, nor is he willing to risk the rapport he and Charis have developed.

Even when she tries to be bad Charis can’t quite manage it. She’s a good girl through and through though no one will listen to her. After a while she gave up trying to convince anyone and figured if she was going to be punished she might as well do the crime.

Sinjun and Charis made a delightful couple, and while she was found naked in bed, it soon becomes clear that Charis had learned nothing at the hands of her young lover. As Sinjun educates this wonderful woman he fights a quandary as to his lack of honesty about his true identity. As expected, this creates a problem that love is quick to eradicate. A very provocative and steamy read with a delightful touch of whimsy and a dash of innocent wonder, Charis and Sinjun have the last laugh on their interfering relatives.

Book Blurb for Compromising Charis

Charis Forbes-Wilkinson is ruined! At least in the critical eyes of Regency Society. And she is quite content with that state of affairs. Who needs a husband anyway? Unfortunately, an unsolicited offer of marriage appears, sending Charis fleeing into the countryside to meet with a completely unacceptable friend of hers – a gypsy girl.

Fate intervenes, however, in the form of one Sinjun Randall, who is idly tooling his phaeton down the same country lane as Charis. He’s enchanted and she’s fascinated by his handsome smile and easy ways. Finally accepting his offer of a ride – completely outrageous in and of itself – Charis makes her own suggestion. And it’s far more outrageous than a simple carriage trip.

Sinjun agrees without hesitation. He’s found himself entwined in her plans, willing to assist her in her total ruination and completely lost in her expressive eyes. Their passionate interlude completes Charis’s ruination. But rather than ending her future, it marks the beginning of a new and unexpected love…

To My Readers: There’s something about the Regency! Maybe it’s the gowns, or the amazing social changes that were taking place – or maybe it’s just the lure of London when it sparkled with the Ton! As far back as I can remember, I’ve adored that time period and to be writing my own Regency romances is a joy and a challenge. Traveling to Almacks, riding country lanes in a phaeton, or attending a summer party at a magnificent estate – there’s nothing quite like the Regency for fun and romance.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 4.25