Claiming Her Geeks

I felt so sorry for Deena’s dilemma. Being strong meant she didn’t get flowers or romance but subterfuge and challenges to fight. Yeah, that gets a woman’s heart in the mood. Not! No one is more shocked than Deena when she finds her mates or more convinced they can’t survive her life. But who says they need to survive when the strongest weapon in their shared arsenal are their brains?

I loved that the guys out-thought the Neanderthals who thought to take Deena by force. And it didn’t hurt they were skilled in the sack and able to dominate in that aspect of their relationship. I admit it, I’m an alpha snob. This was a step out of my comfort zone and I enjoyed the story as I always do when written by this author. The trio found a balance that worked for them and I enjoyed the whole destined mate trope from a different angle. A refreshing change.

Book Blurb for Claiming Her Geeks

How does an alpha she-wolf, who can snap a man in half, learn to love and accept a pair of males who can only beat her in a game of chess?

Deena’s searched a long time for a man she can claim, but nobody’s ever stirred her interest, until Simon and Frank. The moment she meets the nerdy friends, she wants to mark them as her own, but as alpha of her pack, she can’t settle for a pair of geeks as her mates even if in the bedroom they make her submit.

At first Deena terrifies them, but as Simon and Frank get to know her, they realize that beneath the tough exterior is a woman who wants a man—or two—to take control. When it comes to fistfights, they might not have the strength to prevail, but in a battle of the mind, and heart, they’ve got the smarts it takes to emerge victorious—to her screaming pleasure.

Trust fate and two men, to show this she-wolf that with a little bit of bondage, teasing, and pleasure, she can claim the geeks who draw her, because after all, even a bitch can’t fight fate and her need for love.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2017 3.50