Claiming Derryn

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Claiming Derryn

Her family is full of barracudas, and that’s the least of Melina’s problems. Sent to a backwater planet as a trade negotiator, Melina finds herself about to be killed and raped. And not in that order. When she discovers one of her previous lovers, who just happened to disappear a year ago out of the bathroom, as the leader of the rebels who have captured her, she’s a tad bit ticked. And when Trev starts to molest her in front of the rebels, well, that’s just a little bit over the top. He’s got some explaining to do.

When Trev escapes the undercover op he’s been involved in for a year with Melina, he heads straight to the third in their relationship; Davis. Melina’s family is very into appearances, and she’s caught hell since it became known she was with both men. After being separated from both men for so long, it becomes apparent they belong together. But time is running out for her two men. They’ve stolen the ship they are on and have turned against their employer; her family. Will her grandfather’s lust for retribution kill them all?

The interwoven threads of the lives of Melina, Trev, and Davis had far reaching tendrils. The author conveyed everyone’s connection well, and I was never confused, but things ran deep. The story was innovative but had shades of Tribbles from Star Trek. Rather than distracting I found it charming. But unlike the original Tribbles, these creatures had a skill set that could save the universe. The chemistry and interaction between all three parties was steamy and erotic, and both men weren’t focused solely on Melina. They had a loving relationship as well. Full of action and intrigue, as well as past hurts, bruised trust, and betrayal of the worst kind, this was an entertaining read with shots of edgy humor.

Book Blurb for Claiming Derryn

Length: Novella
How many layers of deception are there in space?
When a trade negotiation goes wrong, Melina Davenport is sure she’ll end up either a casualty of war or a sex slave. Discovering one of her missing partners, Trev, is the new leader of the rebels who have captured her adds insult to injury. And what the hell does he think he’s doing, ripping her clothes away and touching her in front of the Derryn rebels? She is so going to kick his ass.
But when her former lover whisks her away to a reunion with their third, Davis—now captain of the notorious outlaw vessel Nottingham—she has to decide if she wants to join her two lovers in their important but less-than-legal activities. Time is running out. The authorities are hunting them, the rebels are bomb crazy and the local fauna is reproducing at an astonishing rate aboard their vessel.
If they don’t find a solution soon, they can kiss the universe goodbye.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 3.75