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A For Her Novel, #3

The dreaded friend zone! Jordan has eyes only for Jay, and Jay likes Jordan, but they are stuck in the nebulous friend zone which encompasses a lot of angst and lunch. Jay has her share of woe being assistant to the "big cheese" at Osbourne Corporation, a dysfunctional family, her tiny apartment and her huge crush on Jordan. Jordan is kind of an island type of guy, closed off a bit (we later find out a lot) from romantic interests and totally committed to his widowed father. He wants what his parents had, and sees the possibility of it with Jay. If he could just break out of the friend zone.....

With the usual insta-love, but with a delay, this story bounces along nicely. Subterfuge in the background, a wacky sister showing up uninvited and unannounced, and creeps making unwelcome advances at work. These things jump start Jordan and Jay into the romance they were destined for, at hyper speed once they got past the initial lag.

I liked Jordan's character immensely; he presented as a wholesome yet sexy take charge kind of guy. Jay, I wanted to like but with her position of "power" at work, I expected her to be more self-sufficient. Instead she was a doormat most of the time, made some insanely stupid decisions that affected her safety and just generally became a brainless woman around Jordan. Not a good look for anyone, in my opinion.

I liked the story overall, as I do most of the books by this author, and as always reveled in the epilogues. A good overall read that kept me entertained and amused.

Book Blurb for Claimed

From New York Times bestselling author Alexa Riley, a friends-to-lovers romance that will bring you the happily-ever-after you've been waiting for 

Jordan Chen is the man behind the screen. As part of the elite security team for Osbourne Corporation, he has an iron grip on protection, all without having to make close connections with people. Until he meets the beautiful Jay, and suddenly his quiet life doesn't seem so perfect anymore. He needs more. He needs her. 

A workaholic to her core, Jay Rose doesn't have a lot of men in her life. Smiling in the face of her enemies gets her the results she wants at work, but doesn't exactly project a warm, welcoming vibe. So she's surprised when the enigmatic security expert strikes up a friendship with her—surprised but flattered, and maybe a little bit turned on. 

A company as powerful as Osbourne Corporation has powerful enemies, and when Jay becomes a target, Jordan realizes there's nothing he won't do to bring her home safe. 

This book is approximately 95,000 words

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2018 4.00