Carnal Chemistry

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Carnal Chemistry

Research & Desire, #3

Sex appeal that snags a woman even under a hairy disguise? Calvin's got it in spades and Lauren has no defense. Unfortunately Calvin isn't broadcasting on purpose, and Lauren is the last thing he wants. Until she's all he wants.

Lauren was an absolute delight. She jumps right in, danger be damned, and goes on an adventure that changes her life forever. Her life has been textbook boring to this point and when Calvin catches her attention she shocks herself with her bravado in flirting. And it was so sweet to read. Her quick decision to help him is the spontaneous act of her life to that point, but certainly not the last after she and Calvin go on the run.

Calvin is just delicious. Trying to blend in but doing too good a job never occurred to him. He's his teams go to guy for fake IDs and computer stuff, and when he's running from the bad guys Lauren is invaluable with her lack of freaking out and calm-in-the-storm attitude. Calvin is also a major surprise between the sheets. The sex scenes between these two were epic and edgy and rode a little on the rough side. I liked that, and so did Lauren. This series has been an exciting one but the books have been spaced too far apart for my liking. I had to go back and refresh my memory on the previous books to get the full effect. Others may not have that problem though.

Originally reviewed under the title Chemistry With Calvin on 1/26/15.

Book Blurb for Carnal Chemistry

Thanks to a top-secret government agency, I don't remember everything…but I know I can't go back. 

I thought I'd found the perfect place to hide. Wrong. Even though I'm deep undercover, she sees me. The real me. And she wants me. 

I'd give anything to build a life with a woman like Lauren Hayes. But with rogue government agents hunting me down, I can't risk getting her involved. Our lust—our love—needs to remain a secret. 

Despite our precautions, the men who'll have my hide now have Lauren in their sights. To keep us both alive, I've got to stay focused—and keep my mind off all the wicked, sexy things I've been doing with Lauren Hayes. There's a price on my head, and I won't let her be the one to pay it.  

This book is approximately 56,000 words

Originally titled Carnal Chemistry

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 4.50