Chasing Tail

Quick & Furry, #1

Quick and furry is right. This started off with a roar and kept its momentum. I was a little confused at first, and since it was so short the author had to whip things at you pretty quick, but I would have liked more back story between Penny and the alpha of her pride - seemed more was going on there. The heroine was fierce but hid her light under a bushel. Even though she was trying to keep the peace that was so wrong! It was obvious the intervention that brought Marcus to her was the only way she was gonna ever meet her mate.

Marcus sounded yummy as well as his entourage. I appreciated that his ideal woman just happened to be what Penny was and what the whole town criticized her for; nothing better than a good nose rubbing. The courtship was brief (as in non-existent) and the sex hot and rough. Fortunately Mother Nature knows what she's doing with these match ups, because the couple really doesn't have much choice. Beginning of a series and I will definitely be reading the following books.

Book Blurb for Chasing Tail

Werelioness Penelope Little has a growling lion pacing the library’s shelves. Not just any lion, either. He’s the most powerful feline in the country. And for some reason, he’s got his sights set on curvy, slightly nerdy, and totally frumpy Penny Not-So-Little.

When he finally calms enough to shift… Well, gorgeous doesn’t begin to describe him. He’s sexy, sinful, and has a smile that nearly brings her to her knees. Even better, he’s all hers. Or is he? When a witch is involved in his sudden appearance, there’s no telling.

The Quick & Furry series needs to be read in order

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 4.50