Celestial Beauty

Quads of Galafrax Book 4

This time our victim of interstellar kidnapping is a fighter. Celeste has had it with being a pawn in her own existence and takes charge when she gets the chance. She was presented as the author usually does with her heroines; just needing a little positive attention to blossom.

The quads destined for Celeste are former special ops and while they often commented on their age and how they weren’t as in shape as they used to be, they sounded pretty awesome to me. Some skills are never forgotten and when the Nova brothers’ Celestial Beauty is threatened, watch out!

Very entertaining read that moved along at a nice pace, had some adventure and danger as well as a lot of romance. And sex, of course. Each quad, while they look the same, are easily distinguished by Celeste as she gets to know them. Zeb, Raz, Kue, and Loc are a well-oiled machine who have been burned by a Demos woman and are hesitant, but Celeste soon shows herself to be just what they’ve always wanted. Another winner is the series.

Book Blurb for Celestial Beauty

Forced to land their scavenger ship on a remote planet, the last thing Demos quads Zeb, Raz, Kue, and Loc expect is to find is a lovely and feisty human female.

Celeste has survived a life of abandonment and abuse on Earth, being abducted by cruel aliens, and the ship crashing on a strange planet. But can she survive four sexy red alien men, intent on rescuing her and making her theirs?

To win her trust, the brothers make her a part of their crew, assisting in the repairs on their ship. Their friendship blooms into a heated passion that Celeste never thought possible with four alien brothers.

When their new bond is threatened by the very aliens who abducted her, her quads reveal some unique hidden skills, showing just how capable they are at protecting the woman they’ve come to love, no matter the cost.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2015 4.50