Caught by Menace

Grabbed, Book Two

God save humanity from this future, please. The human race went in search of a new planet and instead of advancing we have gone backward. "Given" this planet by the Harcos race with the agreement that brides can be had from our population, it is time for the Grab and Naya's best friend has been selected. Vowing as children to stick together Naya gets her name on the list using connections from her smuggling days. A warrior chooses when the grab begins the best friend, but Naya intercepts thinking that she can elude him; she is wrong. So begins the romance of Menace and Naya.

I really enjoy this series even though the human race has reverted back to women having few rights. That's kind of what makes it fun. Menace's people embrace a BDSM lifestyle but when they love, they do it totally. Naya is a woman who has no filter on her mouth and it gets her into trouble frequently. She has major issues with trust since her mother and brother both screwed her over royally. She has a rather murky past that comes back to bite her and Menace on the ass just as they are getting to a good place in their relationship.

I must say Vicious still holds a special place in my heart in this series, but Menace was a sweety. These men by nature are possessive and Alpha and that is why I like the books. If you don't like a little discipline with your romance you will want to look elsewhere. The stalking of Naya by Terror was really spooky, and while I don't like him much right now I would love him to be the focus of the next book.

Book Blurb for Caught by Menace

Menace’s plan to catch a docile woman is shot to hell when he’s tackled by a dark-haired beauty who wants to save her friend from being Grabbed. Refusing to leave the planet’s surface empty-handed, Menace claims the spitfire with his collar.

Naya clawed her way off the streets of Connor’s Run and vowed to never let any man control her. She plans to make Menace so miserable he’ll set her free, but the ruggedly sexy warrior disarms her with unexpected patience and kindness.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 4.50