Fueled by Lust, #3

We’ve been exposed to Cato in the first two books in the series and he’s really been intriguing. Now we see more of the man and that his inside is a far cry from the image he presents. As a Seeker, Cato is the go-to guy for tech and information and he takes his job seriously. When he hears a woman in danger while doing his job he goes into protection mode and doesn’t look back. Which is very fortunate for Luna, the woman in danger. I loved how Cato took care and watched over Luna for literally the first half of the book without her even knowing he existed. That made things a little uncomfortable for Cato when it was time to introduce himself and explain who and what he is. And that scared the crap out of him and rightly so.

Luna, while strong at her core, was like many abused women. She had a plan but her boyfriend, who was in a unique position to stop her, constantly thwarted it. The connection between Luna and Cato was more spiritual, for me, than the previous two stories. That’s not to say they don’t have sex, and it’s steamy and fan worthy -- just not the engine that drives this story. The author provides a lot of entertainment in her book in addition to the main romance; a budding gay romance, the Insedi/ Protonecis background story as well as Drusus and Avelina’s progressing romance, and more than one shocker thrown in as well. With all this potential I can see this series continuing for quite a while and never getting stale.

Book Blurb for Cato

While monitoring the airwaves for potential mates for the earthbound Insedi, Cato Telarius becomes mesmerized with a sensual, feminine voice captured during a pay phone conversation with a hotline operator. Cato’s obsession with finding the woman attached to the voice leads him to a discovery that will shock the Insedivertus race and a love that will test the boundaries of his sanity.

Luna Jasper has been working hard to get out of an unfulfilling relationship, and just as she sees freedom within reach, one small mistake spirals her into a fight for her life, a huge push into the arms of a man she never believed could exist, and a surrealistic encounter with an alien world beyond her wildest imagination. (Light Spanking, HEA)

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 4.50