Carnal Harvest

Married for twenty years and the parents of an adult son in college, Mandy and Hake have reached a bump in their road to happiness. Full-time farmers, their lives depend on their ability to perform the chores that make up farm life. After Hake is injured in an ATV accident, he’s unable to perform more than just his farm chores. And he feels guilty, and less than a man, because of it. What can he do?
Writing erotica for a little extra money, Mandy has spent the last twenty years loving her husband and educating him on the broader spectrum of life than what he is exposed to on the farm. He’s always supported her, and even helps her “research” some steamy scenarios for her writing. But after he’s injured, that part of their life comes to a screeching halt, and Hake is distancing himself from her and their life. What can be done
Wow. This was quite the journey. Not just the sexual games, but also the trip into psychology and what depression can do to a perfectly happy, sexually compatible couple. What would you do to save your marriage? While farfetched, this is fiction. I really enjoyed the story and the bigger story behind it. If you want to read something different, as well as erotic, this might be just what you are looking for. 

Book Blurb for Carnal Harvest

Thanks to his spectacular ATV crash and lengthy convalescence, Hake Stivers missed out on a lot this fall—harvesting his crops, caring for his cattle, and most of all, giving his kinky little wife the kind of loving she deserves.

In an effort to ease his feelings of inadequacy and reward Mandy for helping out with chores, Hake asks his cousin Brent for a daring favor. Later that day, Brent and his friend Joe show up to fulfill Mandy’s edgiest submission fantasies while Hake watches from the sidelines.

But someone knows the truth—it’s not Mandy but Hake who needs to have his control stripped away, and that someone is determined to see that Hake gets exactly what he needs…whether he wants it or not.

Reader Advisory: You want it hot enough to sizzle and burn? Then Carnal Harvest has what you’re looking for. A super-hot ménage involving four participants—three men and one woman—as well as some scenes of male/male sex, voyeurism, mild bondage, spanking and a highly erotic fantasy scene of “forced” sex.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2008 3.75