Captured by the Alien Lord

Warriors of the Lathar, #1

Another winning series here to be sure. The author managed to pack so much into this short story that I really don't know how she manages to do it over and over again. Cat and Tarrick don't have the most auspicious of meetings but it certainly makes an impression on both. While the Lathar present as property hunger asses with superior size and technology, we find out they are really just supersized versions of us. And who better to deal with a bunch of narcissistic sexist men than a strong woman?

Cat handled Tarrick like a seasoned horse jockey with a nervous filly. Being a woman in the military, even in the future, has equipped her with skills that the Lathar don't see coming at all. This had suspense and danger and the element of the unknown, in addition to the hot and steamy chemistry. It was hysterical that Cat loved to read alien romances and then finds herself living one.

Tarrick, while utterly male and subsequently clueless sometimes, was a man I wouldn't throw out of the airlock for eating crackers. He's protective of his little human and soon learns she's more than just a breeding prospect. She can be a life partner and while he was willing to fight for her merely for her sex, when he gets to know her as a person it turns to more real fast. Breathless for the next part of the series.

Book Blurb for Captured by the Alien Lord

He's big, sexy and even his muscles have muscles. Any other day, she'd climb him like a tree... If he hadn't captured her, and her entire base that is.

Sergeant Cat Moore has a little problem. Well, actually a big problem... a big alien war-group sized problem. When her base is attacked and boarded by a Lathar war group, she finds herself in the sights of their leader, Tarrick K'Vass.

The strong, not so silent and ruthless type, Tarrick's duty as a war commander means little time for himself. With no women of their own, a base full of human women is a bounty he can't ignore. Nor can he ignore the little human whose voice called out to him across the galaxy, a woman he'll stop at nothing to make his own. Even if it means a little blackmail...

**Please be aware that this is a romance SHORT in the Warriors of the Lathar series and contains situations that may be objectionable to some readers*

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2015 4.50