Mating Ritual, #3

I felt so sorry for Cindra. She’s essentially the last of her kind, being hunted and has found shelter on a primitive planet. For further security she’s engaged to the son of the people who took her in. While no grand passion exists between them, she does care for him. When forced to face her worst fear she must quickly make decisions that impact the lives of those around her. As she scrambles about she learns some truths about her fiancé as well that leave her reeling. A quick steamy read that rounds out the story line a bit from the book before it.

Book 3 in the Mated Series. Like the stories before it we have a lucky woman presented with four men who want to worship her forever. Spygian warriors travel in groups of four called pods. They mate with the same woman. In this particular story the woman, Cindra, is engaged to another man, making it necessary for the men to make her see the benefits of being with them. Their persuasion methods were very . . . persuasive. They had me convinced. As our Spygian warriors (Bannor, Devan, Stefon and Tempos) pursue Cindra they inadvertently put her in danger with their presence on the primitive planet her ship crashed on.

Book Blurb for Captivated

Book 3 in the Mating Ritual series

Two years after her home planet was decimated by the evil Malucons, Cindra believes she’s finally found happiness again. A surrogate family has taken her in, and she’s now engaged to their son. Life is good…if a bit boring. But then four breathtaking Spygians appear in her new world. When they claim her as their mate, a lifetime with her staid fiancée—who’s disinterested in sex—no longer seems quite so appealing.

Bannor, Devan, Stefon and Tempos are utterly shocked to learn their destined mate is already betrothed to someone else. They are determined to win her heart—by seducing her body in every way and position, individually and together. After all, she feels the lusty call of their bond as strongly as they do.

For Cindra, choosing the Spygians means a lifetime of danger and uncertainty, for they are practically at war with the Malucons. But the delicious temptation of four hot-blooded Spygians could prove too much to resist.

A Romantica® futuristic ménage erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 3.50