Callie's Shadow

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Callie's Shadow

Callie is the well-loved child of a legend and a werewolf. Her father created the The Agency of Supernatural Police (ASP) and helped resolve the feud between weres and vamps. Raised to follow her father’s footsteps as a corporate giant, against his wishes, Callie is an officer with ASP. She loves her job. And her boss, Shadow. But that can’t go anywhere. How could it?
Shadow is an anomaly. He’s able to move through solid objects and become a part of a structure, rendering himself invisible. He runs a team for ASP and Callie is on it. He’s wanted her since she joined four years ago, but she’s strictly off limits until the want starts to become too much to handle. 
Written in a fast-paced style, the storyline was great. An unwanted fiancé, a nemesis from the past for another member of the team, and jealousy and desire abound. With the addition of a secondary romance the story was spicy with several opportunities for emotional encounters. Several twists and turns that I didn’t see coming kept me totally engrossed until the end. While all characters were “special” it was refreshing to have them be vulnerable not only emotionally, but physically as well. 
Ms. Stone has become an author to watch and a must-read. With the creation of this universe, I sincerely hope she pursues more stories in this venue. 

***Publisher Alert: Brief forced intercourse, exhibitionism and graphic violence ***

Book Blurb for Callie's Shadow

Callie Wolfe, shapeshifter werewolf and supernatural crime-fighter extraordinaire, is in love with her enigmatic boss, Shadow. But if he feels anything for her in return, he sure doesn't show it. At least, not until Callie loses her cool and confronts him regarding his standoffish behavior, only to end up in his warm embrace. When Callie and her co-agents find themselves embroiled in a fight to rid their city of a band of murdering rogue vampires, Callie and Shadow must juggle their budding, sexually charged relationship with tracking down and capturing the killers.

Special Content Alert: Brief forced intercourse, exhibitionism and graphic violence

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2008 4.25