Tales of the Shareem, #4

Calder is dark and mysterious.  And scarred.  Not just on the inside, but horribly on the outside.  A victim in an experiment that went horribly wrong in the lab he was created in, DNAmo, Calder exploits his tragedy by becoming The Beast.  He is a level three Shareem with the dubious honor of being sought after by women to fulfill their darkest fantasies.  He will do anything to help them achieve their desires; once.  No woman is ever allowed to cross his threshold again, no matter how much she begs or offers to pay. 

Katarina is highborn and wealthy.  Disgusted with the way Shareem are treated, she uses her medical degree for good by helping the less fortunate.  When she encounters Calder though, she is struck with feelings she’s never had before and they aren’t fear.  Fascination, attraction, and a strong desire to help. 

Thrown together by their own personal matchmaker, both Calder and Katarina find themselves in a situation that quickly spins out of their control.  Love has bloomed between two people who have never experienced it.  Both are confused and struggle against it, but it knows no bounds.  As they slowly find their way towards one another an obsessed woman, determined to have her time with The Beast, interferes and almost ends any chance they have together.  Will they be able to survive her attack?

This has to be my favorite of all the Shareem tales so far.  Having met Calder in previous books, he was intriguing and singularly lonely.  He just had to have a chance for happiness, but his prison was self made.  Katarina crossed a few boundaries I wasn’t comfortable with in her attempt to heal Calder, but love is blind.  If he was able to forgive her, I certainly could.  With plenty of foreplay to warm up with, and few slaps of cold indifference from Calder in his attempts to deny his true feelings, I was unable to stop reading until the end.  Truly a phenomenally emotional and erotic read. 

Book Blurb for Calder

Medic Katarina d'Arnal moves to the slums to work in a free clinic and ends up drawing the job of inoculating Shareem. The first Shareem who shows up is the Calder, a level three, muffled from head to foot, refusing to bare even an inch of skin. He's used to an elderly medic who jabs him and lets him go, not the pretty, young highborn woman who wants to do everything by the book.

Calder hides himself because, unlike the rest of the Shareem—the handsome, arrogant, a-holes—Calder is scarred all over, the result of a plasma fire years ago. He's learned that women crave to be with him, as hideous as he is, and he's created a world where they can indulge in their darkest fantasies with the Beast. He give them an exotic experience with a capital E.

But this woman, Katarina, looks at Calder the man, and wants to know all about him. Calder decides to show her what he is when she's tricked into visiting his lair—but Katarina keeps insisting on touching his burned face with her gentle fingers, trying to find the man behind the tormented Beast.

Calder knows if he lets her in to what he truly is, it will be the end of him . . .

Note: This novel is for readers over the age of eighteen. Includes many scorching scenes, language, and some brief mfm.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 4.50