Buy Me #2

Mistress Auctions Book 2

Guilty Pleasure Alert! Charles established himself as not exactly a nice guy in the first book, but we get to see what drove his actions in this book. Or rather who.

Mandy has been about the job for years, working for the Cortez brothers who she considers family and vice versa. She’s hurt when she finds herself “traded” for a month to work for Charles and makes a defiant decision to participate in the Mistress Auction to establish her sense of power.

Manipulated into a contract with Charles isn’t what she wanted or expected but it turns out to be just what she needed. He knows how to handle her and give her the pleasure she could never give herself. She discovers things about him she never imagined; not all good, but all a turn on for her. These two fall in love, or rather Mandy falls in love. Charles has been in love since the beginning and didn’t know how to show it. As these two navigate the maze of a new relationship, I found myself swooning with delight. It’s a little dark sometimes, Charles can revert to caveman mode when he’s insecure, and there’s a high speed chase. The alternating perspectives were appreciated, as well as a naughty epilogue with a little twist.

Book Blurb for Buy Me #2

Welcome back to the Mistress Auction. This time it’s Halloween, and Mandy is going to have a wickedly good time.

Working for Charles was a nightmare, and now that Mandy's time with him is up, there's only one way to satisfy her suppressed desires. The Mistress Auction can help her get Charles out of her system and start afresh.

Charles has been watching and waiting for months. He has bided his time, and now is his chance to take what he wants. Mandy has entered the Mistress Auction, and he's got a plan to make her his. But thirty days of her cuffed to his bed won't be enough.

What do you do when the woman you want tries to run from you? Easy. Buy her.

Warning: This book plays with dominance and submission, cuffs, spankings, lap sitting, hair pulling, crawling, and begging... If any of that turns you on, then come play with Mandy and Charles.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 4.50