Buy Me #1

Mistress Auctions Book 1

Poor little Stella. She never had a chance. Facing foreclosure due to her father’s weakness she’s presented with an opportunity she wouldn’t normally consider but desperate times and all. What she doesn’t know is that there is only one possible outcome of the Mistress Auction, and that is her going home with the Cortez brothers.

Not true brothers by blood, Justin and Aaron share everything and want to share Stella, too. As a lover, wife and future mother of their children to be exact. When they manipulate things to meet their goal they go all out.

So they were sneaky, their hearts (and other parts of their anatomy) were in the right place. This is a ménage romance, so be aware if that offends you. Stella is a strong woman pushed to the end of her endurance and she’s desperate. Justin and Aaron don’t give Stella a moment to think, and are a little underhanded in their master plan, taking away choices that should definitely have been Stella’s.

There was a little intrigue thrown in with a rival casino owner, which segues into the next book. All in all, this was a very erotic and steamy read that had a very satisfying epilogue.

Book Blurb for Buy Me #1

The Cortez brothers have found the one, and they’ll do anything to own her…including buying her.

Their obsession has driven them to the point of deceit, but they didn’t get to where they are today without getting their hands dirty to get what they wanted, and they’ll do anything to have her.

Stella is desperate, and selling her virginity is her only option to save the family land. The Mistress Auction is her last hope, but when she sees the two men who buy her, she’s worried her heart won’t make it through the thirty days.

Warning: This ménage has two consumed brothers, a virgin selling her body, a Vegas casino, and a reality TV star trying to cause a scene.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 4.50