Burning up Flint

Cyborg Seduction Book 1

Flint is overwhelmed the first time he sees Mira. She’s meant to be his and he takes her without a qualm. Together they are explosive and he is happy he’s found his mate. He has her branded and is ready to move on with his life as a bonded couple. But he forgot to tell Mira …..

Mira is on business when her spacecraft is taken hostage. Pirates would be bad, but when she sees what could only be a Cyborg she isn’t frightened, she’s fascinated. Aren’t they supposed to be dead? Overwhelmed with what is happening, Mira runs. She’s recaptured but doesn’t understand that she has hurt Flint to the core. His reaction is devastating. Can they learn to talk and communicate before it is too late?

Flint is the epitome of the strong and silent type. Too silent. This creates a multitude of problems for him and Mira as they stumble along. While he’s not human, part of him is. Unfortunately that part is also male, adding to the problem. Mira is an emotional creature with all the flaws and foibles that go with it. A bouncy ride is what this book offers, which is sometimes shocking in that Flint can be so cold. I found my mouth hanging open on more than one occasion at his actions. A good read that makes you anxious to read more about the cyborgs and how they handle the women destined to be theirs.

Book Blurb for Burning up Flint

Flint is tall, gorgeous and dangerous. He’s a cyborg – the absolute alpha male. He takes what he wants and holds what is his. Mira is his now. He takes her aboard his ship and has her branded with his mark. He captured her, owns her, and she will serve his every need.

Mira is instantly drawn to Flint, fascinated by his seductive appeal. The sex between them is smoking hot. Until she finds out he is a breeder, contracted to a dozen cyborg women, and she is no more than a possession.

Mira won’t share her cyborg and she belongs to know on – not even to a man who has captured her heart. She doesn’t know if cyborgs feel…anything. Can Flint love her? Mira is determined to find out, no matter how much trouble she makes for the big guy.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2010 4.25