Burn for Me

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Burn for Me

Fighting Fire, #1

Who wouldn't be all over a hot fireman like white on rice if they had the chance? Jamie Lansing, that's who. And she isn't even the one who got burned by a bad relationship (pardon the pun). Jamie is determined to learn from her sister's mistake and that's what starts this whole mess. Jamie is a practical women whom I admired. She has a job, bought her own home and is an active member of her community. Smith is also a good person who volunteers his time to worthy causes and owns his own b usiness. Small town life isn't as easy as one would think though, since no one has any secrets. And Jamie knows everything there is to know about Smith.

I liked Smith's determination and his courage in putting himself out on a limb for Jamie. And Jamie, the little scamp, had a naughty side I didn't see coming. I really liked these two together but really disliked the parts when Jamie gave into small town mindset and punished Smith for imagined actions. The sex was very descriptive and engaging and I liked the differences the author imbued to the encounters based on the emotions involved at the time.

Book Blurb for Burn for Me

She's the one fire he can't put out...

Jamie Lansing has had it bad for firefighter Smith Grayson for as long as they've been friends. Yes, he's ridiculously charming and she might stare a little too long at his abs, but his dirty-talking, rough-around-the-edges ways aren't for her. Plus, she knows that as a serial dater, Smith isn't the type to settle down. But then a terrible, fantastic, mind-blowing mistake leaves her body craving more than one night.

Smith Grayson has only ever had eyes for one woman in town--his best friend Jamie. But convincing her a relationship between them will work is next to impossible with her refusing to see beyond his past. But when she asks for a week of no-strings-attached sex to get him out of her system, Smith knows this is his one chance to prove he's not just the man she needs in her bed, but the man she needs in her life.

NOTE: 10% of all release week sales will be donated by the author to the National Volunteer Firefighter Support Fund.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 3.50