Bridging the Distance

Brides of the Kindred

Another addition to the fascinating world of the Kindred. I personally adored Lorelei. Her dilemma in the beginning of the book had me laughing out loud. The addition of Bound to the dilemma just added a bit of satisfaction. Once the problem that Bound is facing is outlined to Lorelei, she's on board. And who would want to help someone if they could?

Bound Tight and Torn Deep were interesting enough but could have used a lot more development. The contract that Bound and Lorelei signed was something to hide behind, but not for long. Lorelei's open personality and giving nature drew Bound to her, and Torn as well when they found him. The usual teasing and hesitance defined the courtship, and the presence of the Goddess was felt and guided the trio through Lorelei.

The heart of the book took place on a female dominated planet and offered a lot of entertainment. For the reader, not the characters so much. Lorelei's obsolete education saved the day.

I love every Kindred book I read, and this is no exception. The lack of a nemesis in the background made this a lighter read for me. I didn't have to remember what had happened in a prior book to establish myself. The "help" provided by previous book heroine Kat was sometimes more harmful than helpful, but our trio managed to persevere. A good read.

Book Blurb for Bridging the Distance


One plus-sized Earth girl

Two Twin Kindred who need help to reconnect

Sometimes 1 +2 = Interstellar sexy times

Lorelei Daniels is having a terrible day--her self-driving car repossesses itself, she loses her job, and she's about to get kicked out of her apartment. What else could happen? How about a visit from a huge Kindred warrior begging her to come help him rescue his twin brother who has been turned into a Cyborg?

Bound Tight is a Light Twin of a Twin Kindred pair. Bound's brother, Torn Deep, is the Dark Twin and his other half--without him, Bound is incomplete. He desperately needs help to get Torn back--but will the beautiful little Earth female he needs to seal the deal help him rescue his twin?

Because of her advanced degree in Artificial Intelligence Psychology, Lorelei is uniquely qualified to help with the Cyborg problem. But no matter how handsome Bound is, she's determined this is just a business transaction. However, when they rescue Torn, he has lost all memory of his past. It's up to Lorelei to try and bring the brothers back together in the only way she can--by using her body as a bridge between them.

Can Lorelei keep things businesslike as she brings the two brother back together? Or will she end up losing her heart as she is Bridging the Distance between the estranged Bound and Torn?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2018 4.50