Breaking It All

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Breaking It All

The Motorcycle Clubs, #7

Anna and Zachary are like two halves of a whole. Zach let things get in the way of them being together before they are actually together. Anna isn’t shy about her feelings but is repeatedly, but gently rebuffed. The irony is everything he does, and doesn’t do, is to protect Anna.

I’ve been waiting for this book and it was so worth the wait. Zach (AKA Gunner) is described as a man almost too pretty but totally unwilling to use his looks. Seems he’s one of many brothers who all bear an uncanny resemblance to their sire, who turns out to be quite the catalyst for all that is wrong in Gunner’s world. No spoilers, but that story will blow your mind.

Anna is a girl with simple wants and the major one is Gunner. But she can’t have him so she develops a shell, hiding her pain so well that no one ever suspects the depth of it. Until she’s targeted and then the last ten years fly out the window and Gunner starts to make his feelings known.

Very emotional and had me wondering why all the restraint, but I kind of got it when Gunner’s crazy family started to factor in. Very steamy once Gunner lets himself loose. A keeper.

Book Blurb for Breaking It All

Ten years ago, I met Anna Wall when I stopped to help her change a tire. Five minutes later, she flashed me her tits and I was a goner.

There’s no self-preservation after you’re gone. No wall you can build around your heart. You can’t protect yourself. So you protect her, instead.

You protect her by doing nothing but watch her. And all the while, you’re wishing for more but knowing you can’t have it. You’re pretending you don’t think of her as anything other than your friend’s little sister. But when her brother goes missing and the past comes calling, and a threat to her life waits at her front door…there’s no pretending anymore. She’s mine. She’ll always be mine.

And I’ll do anything to break through Anna’s defenses and make her believe it.

**This is the seventh story in the Hellfire Riders MC series but can stand alone. No cliffhangers, will have a HEA.**

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 4.50