Brazen Games

Jack and Tasha are both too damaged for a normal life with normal people. Their jobs are infused with too much danger, intrigue and depravity for anything that resembles a conventional existence. Perhaps that’s why they are both so good at what they do; keeping secrets. But what secrets are they keeping from themselves in order to survive?

Very edgy, this story moved fast and while entertaining held few surprises for me. I had most of the twists figured out but the author managed to throw a few eyebrow-raisers in. People like Jack and Tasha make it possible for the boring people of the world to sleep at night, and I think the author did a good job painting a bleak existence for them that made me really appreciate my mundane life. The sex was dangerous and gritty and even a little disturbing, but as the story progressed so did the characters feelings. Jack’s selflessness (or was it selfishness) at the end wasn’t the way I would have gone but it worked and left me hoping for a brighter, more boring future for Jack and Tasha.

Book Blurb for Brazen Games

As Jack watches the pole dancer up on stage, all he can think about is that sultry green-eyed stare and the brazen way she moves. Trouble is, he knows this particular siren is a distraction he can't afford, despite the gut-clenching desire she stirs in him. As right-hand man to a mob boss fighting a violent turf war, his life expectancy is already significantly reduced, and that's if his damning secrets don't get him killed first.

Tasha is keeping secrets of her own, and she knows all about the real Jack, the one he can never afford to let anyone see. She's turned on by the danger and roughness of his life. She also knows he's close to the edge of no return. It's her job to make sure he doesn't implode and get them both killed, but to do that she'll have to trust him with more than just her body, something she's never been able to do with anyone.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 3.75