The Rogues, #1

Tolcan is a cog in the machine that has overtaken Earth. Humans are hunted, the men used as labor and the women used to help the Rogue species build their numbers. Relationships between the species are forbidden. When Tolcan sees Greta for the first time, he says to heck with it all and goes for Greta as a male would a mate. And that is going to be a problem.

Greta is innocent in all ways. Born after the invasion, she knows nothing of the world before, only now. She cares for those that live around her, but none romantically. When Tolcan removes her from her “family” she rebels, but is soon confused by her attraction to him. And Tolcan uses that to his advantage, while at the same time falling under Greta’s unwitting spell.

The future is bleak indeed for the human race, so thank god for the power of love. Tolcan has his blinders removed by the emotion and his life starts to have purpose, and it’s not in subjugating the human race. He was a bit overpowering at first and if alpha males aren’t your thing he’ll probably turn you off, but if alphas do it for you then he’s your man. This promises to be a good series with danger and subterfuge as well as steamy interspecies romance. A win win.

Book Blurb for Branded

Three decades ago a race of humanoid aliens landed on Earth. Humans were inferior, weaker, and no match for the stronger, warrior-bred beings known only as Rogues.

Now the Rogues rule Earth.

Greta is a human and in hiding. When she and the other humans are found, she fears she will be used for labor, or as breeding stock.

Tolcan is enforcer for his kind. When he finds humans his job is to capture them. But he takes an interest in one particular female. Going against what his kind believes, he takes her as his own. Something primal and possessive in him takes over. He wants her as his mate. He won’t stop until he’s claimed her, damn the consequences.

Be Warned: spanking, bondage, anal play

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 4.50