Branded by the Texas Rancher

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Branded by the Texas Rancher

Cowboy Bad Boys # 2 - Can Stand Alone!

Leaving England to get away from her past and the expectations and limitations that are put on her by friends and family, Rebecca Wade has taken a teaching job in Texas. Buying a house at auction seemed like a good idea until things started to fall apart. When faced with costly repairs she strikes a deal with the father of one of her students. Jed Monroe is not a man she approves of, but he doesn’t need her approval to hammer nails in exchange for tutoring for his daughter. She just needs to keep her eyes, and hands, off of him. No problem.

Jed has been a single father since the day his daughter was born. He’s done things wrong at times, but his daughter has turned out all right so far. At least he thinks so. When the new teacher offers tutoring for repair work on her home, the strapped for cash rancher agrees. Why is it the tightly buttoned Rebecca has him thinking dirty thoughts? The two of them couldn’t possibly have anything in common.

Small town paradigms rule the day in this quick read. The grapevine does a lot of work when there is a new person in town. Whether it’s all true or not is up for speculation. Rebecca and Jed are put together by rumor first, but that quickly becomes reality when the awkwardness wears off. Seems opposites attract with a vengeance, and Rebecca discovers a proclivity for raw language when spoken to her by a rough Texan. As Jed works on her inhibitions he soon finds a lot to like.

Their romance starts as sex and soon turns to more. For simplicity’s sake they conduct their relationship undercover, but when they reveal themselves they encounter an unexpected roadblock in the form of Jed’s daughter. The highlight of the read was Jed not taking no for an answer when he goes to get his woman after a fight and makes for a steamy conclusion to a good read.

Book Blurb for Branded by the Texas Rancher

Twenty-eight-year-old English schoolteacher Rebecca Wade moves to Texas, leaving behind an unhappy past. Keeping to herself, she vows to steer clear of men. When she meets bad boy rancher Jed Monroe, the father of one of her pupils, she immediately disapproves of his carefree ways and irresponsible attitude.

With Jed working on her house in exchange for his daughters extra tuition, Rebecca is determined to stay aloof. But how can she remain detached when just the mere sight of Jed Monroe causes the sexual woman within her to emerge?

Jed has only one thing on his mind, and that’s Rebecca. The ice maiden has lit the touch-paper inside him. He will stop at nothing until she becomes his.

Can the Texas rancher bring out the simmering passion within Rebecca? Or will she be too scared to let go?

[Siren Classic: Erotic Cowboy Romance]

Note: This book contains anal sex.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 3.75