Branded by Sunset

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Branded by Sunset

Branded, Book 2

If it talks and walks like a man, but is built like a goddess, its Carly Corbaine. Built like sin, she swears like a sailor and don’t take crap from anyone. Prickly as a cactus, no man has ever gotten close enough to penetrate her barriers; any of them. Witnessing the death of her family as a child has made her cautious, but then Preston Evans sneaks up on her heart, and when he comes for her, she has no defenses. 
Preston can have any woman he wants, but he prefers to pay for what he needs. Until he thinks the only woman he’s ever cared about is lost to him. After rescuing her from the clutches of outlaws, Preston is on a mission to secure Carly for his own and he’s not taking no for an answer.  He promises her forever but the past has a way of finding you when you don’t want it to. And it can be a bitch. 
Secrets are destructive by nature. If you don’t want anyone to know, it can’t be good. And Preston has a doozy. 
I enjoyed the chase and the unavoidable capture of Carly, but was shocked by the revelation at the end of this installment. Didn’t see that coming at all. This story is a little disjointed and the story doesn’t flow as well as others, but I overlooked that for the mystery that unfolded. Not to mention the steamy relationship that Carly and Preston share, and the love that neither of them can deny.
This is the first book in a trilogy, and if you are looking for a happy ending, it’s not in the first installment. As a reader you are left dangling. Darn it. Looking forward to the continuation of Carly and Preston’s story avidly.

Book Blurb for Branded by Sunset

After her family dies at the hands of monsters, Carly doesn’t have time to think about a man. Hell, she practically acts like one so why does she need one to get in her way? She rides better than most, can fire a gun quicker and proves again and again she can manage fine on her own. That is, until Preston Evans steals her heart. Never mind what he does to her willing little body.

Preston’s lust for a woman never stands in his way. He always has his way with women so his ridiculous need for one can easily be satisfied with the body of another. Until the day he thinks he’s lost the only woman he’s ever truly cared about. After he watches outlaws damn near rape his woman of a sensible existence, he vows to claim her as his own. But just because he promises forever, doesn’t necessarily mean he can follow through and if he does, there will be a lot to overcome…and forgive.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 3.50