Branded by Love

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Branded by Love

Throughout their stormy relationship, Preston and Carly have had one constant; their mutual love.  But love isn’t enough sometimes, and love can really hurt.  It’s been a year since Preston left Carly.  With no money and no way to make any, Carly turns to the tried and true profession of women and conducts business from her prairie home’s bedroom.  Her business is fulfilling the desires of familiar men. 

Hearing from a customer that Preston is coming home, she’s shocked to find he’s also bringing a woman.  A pregnant woman.  The pain is overwhelming, and she drowns it with physical connection with her customers. 

How can Preston and Carly find their way back to one anther? 

I just wanted to smack the bejesus out of Preston.  He’s been an ass throughout the whole series.  He blows hot and cold and can’t make up his mind.  But when Carly acts the same, he’s shocked and outraged that she’s been with other men.  He’s “married” another woman and she’s expecting his child!  Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, this was my favorite in the trilogy.  As Preston and Carly work through their issues, and they have plenty, there is also a lot of passion and anguish.  Carly has discovered she can love more than one man, but none as much as she loves Preston.  Preston has discovered the opposite; he can only love Carly.  The resolution to their dilemma, while unorthodox, made for a fitting ending to this entertaining, but painful at times to read, trilogy. 

Book Blurb for Branded by Love

Preston left Carly when she needed him most. For over a year, she's been alone. With a farm to manage and no money for expenses, she turns to a woman's profession and conducts business from her prairie home. There's a reason for it. Her doors are open to the strange desires of familiar men.  

When Carly discovers Preston is coming home, she hears the news from one of her customers. He tells her Preston is bringing a woman to Stockton, but a woman isn't the only thing Preston brings home.  

Will Preston and Carly finally find their way back to one another or will the past continue to keep them apart? Find out in this explosive third book of the Branded trilogy.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 3.25