Tales of the Shareem, #5

Braden was always a problem for his creators. Defiant and resistant to their control, he nonetheless excelled at being a level three Shareem. That was his saving grace. Now that Shareem are "free" he finds himself longing for more. More freedom to be himself and freedom to find what his other Shareem friends have. A woman who loves him and for him to love right back. Doing his part to facilitate an escape plan for the Shareem from the planet Bor Narga, Braden meets his destiny in the form of Elisa.

Elisa is a vowed celibate but not by choice. Not really. Using the "Way" to avoid marriage to a horrible man she's disturbed at her reaction to the Shareem who comes into her library. Questioning her ability to continue in the "Way" she is given a dispensation to explore a part of herself previously ignored. Her sexuality. And she chooses Braden to help her on her journey. Together they will find love, but can they keep it?

Another chapter in the Shareem. Braden has appeared before in the other books but this is the first time we get to see what he's really like. Braden is fighting his programming as he realizes what he and Elisa can have together. Being a dom isn't all he is and he longs to show Elisa he can be a caring person as well as a dominant one. Elisa has no experience and everything she and Braden do together is wonderful and right.

Their connection becomes overwhelming and could endanger the mission to get the Shareem off the planet. So Braden does what any stupid man would do; he drives Elisa off. But he forgot how smart she is, and also how strong. She won't let him get away and takes steps that won't allow him to remove her from his life. Who is dominant now?

While steamy and erotic as all the Shareem Tales are Braden and Elisa also had an innocence about them. Their romance wasn't fast and dirty, but slow and sensual. While there is a threesome, the focus is totally on Braden and Elisa and what they are to one another. Justin is merely a means to and end of giving Elisa all that Braden can possibly give her. Justin's appearance opens a new can of worms for the Shareem, as well as the possibility of a normal future with the women they love. I look forward to the next chapter in the story of the Shareem.

Book Blurb for Braden

Braden, a level-three Shareem, never thought he’d find anything interesting in a library, of all places. That is, until he spies Elisa n’Arell sitting behind a reference desk. She’s lovely, polite, and uses cute words like “mustn’t.”

The trouble is, the pretty librarian is a registered celibate, off-limits, forbidden, especially for the nearly outlawed Shareem. The second problem is, Braden has come into the library to research the problem of getting Shareem off the planet, an activity that could get him arrested and all Shareem killed. He needs the librarian’s help to get into restricted databases, but he can’t tell her why.

Elisa knows good and well that her motives for taking the robes of a celibate were less than pure. When Braden walks into her library, he takes her breath away. He tempts her to put aside her vows for a time and find out what she’s sacrificing. At the same time she’s determined to discover why Braden tricked her into giving him clearance for restricted information, and then was so bent on giving her presents in return.

Elisa asks Braden to teach her, and enters a world of heat and passion she’d never known existed. Too late, Elisa finds that forbidden fruit tastes the best of all . . .

Note: This novel is for readers over the age of eighteen. Includes scorching scenes, language, and some brief mfm.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 4.00