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Taraca thought she knew her father, but after her mother died he changed. Finding herself promised to a man old enough to be her grandfather, the full truth of her father’s change becomes evident. Determined not to marry the man her father has promised her to, Taraca runs. But she runs into worse things than a marriage to an old man. 
Yarrow has loved Taraca for years. Convinced he’s no good for her due to his blood relation to the dreaded Kellians, he never pursued her. But when he finds she is to be wed to an old man, he knows his love will run. Following her, he sees her taken by the Kellians and pursues her to make a claim to their king. But another, cruel adversary stands in his way. A challenge is made. One Yarrow vows to win, because to do so will free his beloved Taraca. 
Yarrow’s self-flagellation was sad. Taraca sums it up in one sentence, and he sees how truly right for him she is. The evil Cryoe was too much, and I wished for his death and dismemberment many times. Yarrow was sweet and strong, and even though he and Taraca had never truly connected, he knew her. The challenge was hot and steamy, but also horrifying. Honor and duty get in the way of their relationship, but once again true love finds a way. 

Book Blurb for Bound

A defiant bride-to-be tries to stage her own disappearance when she's kidnapped, and her only chance at freedom is surrendering her heart to the one man who can save her.

Taraca has waited years for the time she could choose a husband and learn the pleasure of love making. When her father binds her to a man twice her age, Taraca does the only thing she can – she runs away. Instead of her freedom, she finds capture at the hands of the Kellians.

Yarrow has loved Taraca from afar for years. The only thing keeping him from taking her is his blood relation to the Kellians who are feared throughout Shadowhall. But when Taraca is taken by Kellian warriors, Yarrow will risk everything to free her.

Publisher Note: This book is linked to 'Tempted' although it can be read as a stand alone story.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 3.75