Bound By Love

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Bound By Love

Stolen from her apartment by a man dressed as a Conan wannabe, Adrianna is stunned to find herself suddenly in what can only be another dimension. Kidnapped by Lord Damien as a gift to his most trusted Knight Kaden, Adrianna is suddenly a sex slave. Bound to her bed naked, confused and royally pissed, Adrianna is in for a surprise. But Kaden is in for a big surprise himself. 
Emotion is usually not expected between a sex slave and her master, but it was immediately present between Kaden and Adrianna. While both denied it, the reader certainly knows what’s going on. Reading of Adrianna’s defiance, and subsequent punishments, often made me wince, but as slavery, dominance, and chauvinism are an integral part of the world that Adrianna now finds herself in, it isn’t too hard to take. 
Ms. Stone has a true talent for writing a great love story. While out of the ordinary, it delivers on an epic scale. Conflict, mystery, romance, lust, love, and betrayal are big players in this tale of an unwanted love. And it’s not just a story about Kaden and Adrianna. There are two sub-stories as well that are equally intriguing and satisfying for the reader. I hope the author revisits Daring Castle and it’s complicated political environment in the future. I’m sure I’ll find myself reading this tale again. Definitely a must read. 

Book Blurb for Bound By Love

The story of the people of Daring Castle. Adrianna was an independent woman, living on her own in New York City. That was until she came home to find two huge barbarians in her home. Taken from not just her home but her world, she was transported to a new world controlled by huge warrior men who thought women should be sex slaves. Left chained to a bed, a shadowed warrior came to her, stealing away her good intentions before disappearing before the first light of day. Could she escape his fiery touch or was she forever Bound by Love?
Elements: scenes of sexual assault, F/F scenes

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 4.50