The Men of Sanctuary, #3

Mac and Keko are magnetically drawn to one another, as if they have no choice. That was hot. Their night together is alluded to, not described in detail. I liked that. We know they slept together but we get to watch the awkward dance afterward. Since this takes place in familiar territory some characters are familiar. We get to revisit the trio from the first book and see how their relationship is progressing. A definite plus. Mac is familiar in a peripheral way, but Keko is a new player. I liked her almost as much as Lorelei; she was a tough cookie.

Men are usually the last to fall but Mac fell hard right away. Problem was Keko wasn’t your average woman, and her life wasn’t either. He expected traditional things and they weren’t forthcoming. Why should the woman be the one who has to compromise? And if you have mother issues you are going to feel fortunate after meeting Keko’s.

So tightly laced it’s a wonder she doesn’t explode Keko cuts loose after a few too many at demolitions symposium. Her companion? Sheriff Brian MacBride from Catamount Lake, home of Sanctuary. These two heat up the sheets right away but part ways without exchanging any information. Fate wants them together because they are thrown in each other’s way immediately with no way out. But who said they wanted an out? Mac has been haunted by his one night with the woman who smelled like honeysuckle. And Keko can’t forget her knight. As they work together to solve a case involving bombs and terrorists, will they be able to hammer out a way to be together?

Reissued Review. Originally reviewed on 4/24/13. New publisher and the book has been reworked.

Book Blurb for Bombshell

After a volcanic one-night stand at a symposium in L.A., a demolitions expert finds herself partnered with her sexual nemesis, former Navy SEAL explosives expert turned local law enforcement officer. They butt heads during an FBI operation based out of Sanctuary, a paramilitary training camp well hidden in the wilds of New England.

MacBride, sheriff of Catamount Lake, and Keko Holokai, owner of a demolition company and its lead explosives expert, create sparks of the wrong kind as they struggle to discover who paid a local recluse to build a special explosive device--the same type of device that killed Keko’s father--and why.

How can they possibly solve what might be a national security issue, when they can’t stand to be in the same room together?

The same bed? That's another story.

Publisher's Note: This book was previously released by another publisher, but it has been substantially re-edited for this release.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2015 4.00