Body Heat

Rayna is blind, but that doesn’t hold her back.  She’s also the daughter of the President of the United States, and that does hold her back.  A little.  She’s been protected all her life, not just since her father became president.  She’s taking a little adventure, but still has her bodyguard with her.  But as she’s grown into a woman, she’s also started to notice her bodyguard is a man, and a hot one at that...

Hurst Rodriguez takes his job to protect Rayna very seriously.  He’s been her bodyguard for a long time, and has feelings for her that he really shouldn’t.  When they are trapped together and it looks like they might not survive, Rayna asks him to teach her how to be a woman.  He throws caution out the window and lets nature take its course.  What happens if they survive and have to go back to the real world?

Somewhat classic storyline with a few twists.  We get to know Rayna and Hurst through their conversations with one another.  While the situation is ripe for seduction, I didn’t feel a burning desire between the two.  The books was well written but didn’t have the depth I was anticipating.  Years of restraint and at the first sign of trouble Hurst had his pants off.  I was expecting more.  I would have also liked more closure at the end, especially since it was made clear that Rayna’s father would not condone such a relationship.  Entertaining, but could have been more.

Book Blurb for Body Heat

Rayna Wright was the daughter of the President of the United States and legally blind since birth. But does that mean she's off-limits? Bodyguard Hurst Rodriguez certainly hoped not.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 3.00