Blurred Lines

Landon has violent tendencies, of a sort, and channels them to keep them in control. He recognizes his issue and works with it, doesn’t deny it, and controls it for the most part. Except when it comes to Lyric. She’s whom he protects against everything because she is everything. But he can’t show it and she doesn’t know it.

Lyric thinks Landon is the one, but worries about how others will perceive them. Related by marriage only, they’ve lived in the same house for three years. Three years as teenagers with all the hormones and forced proximity. Is it any wonder it has taken this long for them to finally cross the implied threshold?

I really enjoyed this story about young love against all odds. The violence was a bit intense but I thoroughly enjoyed Landon dispensing justice when needed. The sexual awakening of Landon and Lyric, while neither were virgins, was so sweet but also dirty at the same time. No holds barred, Landon has a dominant streak and for a quiet man he gets quite talkative in bed. A very sexy romance with a sweet ending.

Book Blurb for Blurred Lines

Landon came into Lyric’s life three years ago when his mother married her father. Landon is hardened, rough around the edges, and has a chip on his shoulder. He's a bad boy who boxes, and seems to hate the world. But Lyric wants him.

Lyric doesn’t want to ignore what she feels for Landon, but she can’t help but worry what others will say if they had a relationship: wrong, twisted, disgusting. But when a fellow classmate drunkenly assaults her, it’s Landon who saves her. It’s after this that her emotions morph into something stronger.

Landon has been called many things: deviant, destructive, and an all around bad boy. But he’s never cared what anyone thought, not until Lyric. It only takes opening up to her to see that she’s it for him. But how can she possible want a guy like him? Is Landon even capable of giving her everything she deserves? Can he control himself and protect her when she’s attacked again?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 4.00