Blood & Steel

No longer a slave, Elyn is on the run. The one man she connected with is the man who is now going to kill her. She had no choice but to lure him away from his team so they could be slaughtered by her master. But he won’t be interested in reasons, just revenge. Her only chance is to outrun him, but can she?

Blade can’t forget his night with Elyn for more than the obvious reasons. She was the bait that had him carnally occupied while his crew and customer were murdered in cold blood. As a hired bodyguard if he fails he will then avenge your death, and that’s all that is on his mind. And then he captures his prey and has her trussed up for his pleasure and retribution. Why then can’t he follow through on the latter? Could it be her concern for him when she thinks her master returned? Why would she care?

And you thought you had issues. Elyn is a vampire running from a technologically enhanced man. As she and Blade meet face-to-face for the first time since that fateful night, more and more is revealed that shows Elyn to be as much a victim as Blade’s crew. Not realizing the scope of her slavery or the relief of her release, he’s reevaluating his mission and what his endgame is going to be. His prey is becoming his helpmate and lover. Can they trust one another, be everything to each other?

This was a hot steamy read filled with sexual tension from the very start. Both parties have trust issues, but actions speak louder than words. A fast paced futuristic vampire love story that delivers entertainment as well as titillation. Don’t miss it.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.00