Blackbird's Fall

Savages Book 3

Marius is a book smart man and that’s his blessing and his curse. He thought he was part of something that would save the planet and instead ended up almost ending it completely. He’s reached the rubicon where he either goes out into the world he helped unwittingly destroy or die in the bunker that shelters him. What would you do?

I’m an adult and I don’t think I could have handled things as well as Maya. A young woman, she does what she must and moves on. When she reaches her haven she gets to work ensuring her future and then she literally almost stumbles over an injured Marius. What would you do?

These two found each other for a reason. I enjoyed the slow build of their relationship from wary adversaries to two people in love. The start of their physical relationship was well done and I liked how the author ended the book, showing Marius and Maya living life to the fullest. The author lets you draw a lot of your own conclusions as to how the human race will play out and depending on your personal point of view that could be good or bad. But isn’t that how life works anyway?

Book Blurb for Blackbird's Fall

Before the infection, Marius Blackbird worked as a scientist for the government. But now he’s just a man trying to survive in a world where infection turns people into mindless living corpses.

Maya Pointe has lost everything and everyone, and the isolation is slowly consuming her. But venturing off the property could get her killed, or infected. When she sees an injured man, she wants to help him, but strangers aren’t to be trusted. The humanity in her wants to help the only person she’s seen in far too long.

Marius wants Maya, but she keeps her distance, and rightly so. But as they grow to know each other, the attraction and trust between them builds. He wants Maya as his, wants to have her by his side as they rebuild their lives in their destroyed world. Can they come to grips with the reality that nothing will ever be the same, and that they only have each other?

Be Warned: spanking, rimming

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 4.00