Between Two Captains

Basically abandoned by her father when she was a child, Violette Poole grew up in France with her mother. Lured home by her fathers heartfelt missive expressing an interest in reconnecting, she arrived to find herself engaged to a man she hates and runs from her father’s home the night of her engagement party. When her father implores Captain Ethan Carrick to look for her, Ethan finds her. Convinced he’s taking her back to her father and fiancé, Violette insists he ruin her first. At an impasse, he submits to her request and finds himself a little bit in love.
Determined to keep Violette safe from the clutches of her fiancé, Richard Graves, the man Ethan feels responsible for his brother’s misfortune of losing his wife and the injury that placed him a wheelchair; Ethan takes Violette home to his brother Charlie. Upon notice that even ruination won’t keep Graves from what he believes is his, Ethan and Charlie proceed to present Violette with an option for further ruination; be with them both. 
While they were only together for a short time, the brothers quickly fall under Violette’s spell. And Violette falls under theirs. When confronted with her angry fiancé and clueless father, they both jump to her defense and proclaim their love for her. And she proclaims hers for them. What was supposed to turn Graves away only makes him more determined to have her. And he goes to outrageous lengths to get her in his clutches. Can Ethan and Charlie rescue their love in time?
Well-written and fast-paced, Between Two Captains was an entertaining read. Being raised by a sexually aware actress prepared Violette for loving two men and not being too hard on herself for what society considers debauched behavior. Her calm acceptance of her circumstance when she runs from her fiancé was refreshing in the face of so many hysterical debutantes. The development and consummation of this trio was natural and sensual. A very good read. 

Book Blurb for Between Two Captains

Violette Poole, engaged to a man she hates, flees her father’s home the night of her engagement party. When her father asks family friend Captain Ethan Carrick to look for her, Ethan finds her. However, Violette refuses to go anywhere with him until he makes love to her, ruining her in the eyes of her fiancé.

An afternoon of passionate lovemaking leads to a deeper bond between them and Ethan refuses to return Violette to a man she doesn’t love, especially the man he holds responsible for his brother Charles’ ruin. However, Richard Graves, the fiancé, is a fiercer opponent than they expected.

It falls to both Charlie and Ethan to find new and wicked ways to “ruin” Violette! And when they do, she doesn’t want to live without either of them!
Publisher Note: This book has previously been published elsewhere.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 3.25