Soul Seduction

Plagued by horrific nightmares that are a result of a romance gone horribly wrong, Elaina Richmond is staying with her aunt and uncle in the vineyard she grew up in as a child.ÿ She needs to sleep and heal, both things she has been unable to do so far.ÿ When she arrives and his confronted by Jackson Arender, her first love and lover, the old flame between them in re-ignited.ÿ Can Jackson's arms keep the nightmares away?

Jackson Arender worked the Richmond Vineyard in Sonoma California in the summers when he was a young man.ÿ He returns now as an adult when he is off for the summer at his teaching position at a local university.ÿ This summer Elaina returns and he's in love all over again.ÿ A widower, he knows the value of true love.ÿ And is determined to help Elaina heal with the power of it.ÿ But are memories and nightmares all he needs to fight?

Caught in the web of her abuser, Elaina is helpless but not weak.ÿ She overcomes and escapes, but is dragged back in by his ex-wife to testify against him.ÿ I had a little problem with a man with crimes like his still walking the streets, but this is fiction.ÿ Jackson's patience and passion were the highlight of the story and I wish men like him were more common in the real world.ÿ While a victim, Elaina wasn't what I would call weak.ÿ Just overwhelmed.ÿ She really should have seen a counselor (again, I know this is fiction).ÿ

A romantic story with some frequent splashes of carnal heat, my only complaint is I would have liked to have read more about the final confrontation between Jackson and Elaina's tormentor.ÿ I'm vengeful by nature, and was disappointed that I didn't get more satisfaction.

Book Blurb for Soul Seduction

Elaina Richmond just barely survived her abusive ex-lover, Jeff Brooks. Now, several years later, Jeff's ex-wife summons Elaina to be a character witness against him in court. Not only does Elaina have to contend with facing Jeff again, but she also has to deal with the horrific nightmares that come from being forced to confront a past she had fought hard to forget.

After the trial, on a visit to the family vineyard where she spent childhood summers, she is unexpectedly reunited with her first love, Jackson Arender. In his strong embrace, Elaina succumbs to seduction-body, heart and soul. A fiery passion is rekindled, giving Elaina the strength to move forward and put the past behind her-until her nightmares become reality.

Publisher Note: This book was previously published elsewhere under the title Between Heaven and Hell.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.50