Bent, Not Broken

The Soldiers of Wrath MC, #2

Justice served cold. The Soldiers of Wrath are falling in love, or in Joker’s case, acting on a love long denied. Amy was/is his stepsister and has a lot of issues from abuse from her biological father. Amy and Joker had chemistry when they were younger but Joker stepped back out of respect for her age and her need to heal through experience and therapy. Now the time has come for him to go get her, but he has a few loose ends to clean up first. And it’s messy.

Again, this author blurs the path of right and wrong. I agree with what Joker did, but if everyone did the same it would be mass confusion and the law system would be moot. Joker upheld HIS system of law, an eye for an eye if you will, and it was what was needed for Amy to move on, even though she has had time and therapy.

Amy made huge leaps in her healing process and I liked her inner strength when it came to getting her man. I do not know anyone who went through what Amy did and hope I never do, but the effects would have to impact a life forever. The closure provided by Joker, while stark and brutal, really proved his love for her to me. The whole family has suffered a lot and it was heartwarming that Amy was still close to her stepfather. I liked that he stood up for her, even if it was against his own son. That’s family.

This isn’t a light and flirty romance. The men of the Soldiers of Wrath are gritty and bad, but if you are the right woman, a softer side is revealed. Just to that woman, mind you. The bad ass persona is maintained. The sex was steamy and erotic and has me speculating when I see a man on a bike go by, that’s for sure.

Book Blurb for Bent, Not Broken

Pain is a lasting feeling, emotion, and can consume a person without any discrimination. Amy Holland knew all too well what pain did to someone. She has been living with it for far too long, and it is all because of her father.

Reese "Joker" Whitman has put his old life behind him. He is now just Joker, part of The Soldiers of Wrath, an outlaw MC that rules his town. Despite the hard edge he carries around, the violence and destruction he's been known to deliver, Joker wants Amy, the daughter of the woman his father married. Amy might be considered family, but she isn't blood, and he wants her more than he's ever wanted anyone in his life. However, he has to tread lightly, because she's been hurt, and she may never be able to give herself fully to him.

When she finally sees Joker for who he is, it isn't fear or pain that consumes her; it is hope and desire. But can she give herself to the biker when she sees herself as too damaged to be loved?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 4.00