Beginning Again

Three Degrees of Separation #1

The title says it all. Liz is starting her life all over after an amicable divorce from her gay husband. Devastated but forgiving, she and her ex Mason have reached a place where the love they shared overshadows the pain, and Liz embraces Mason’s man, Jamie, into her life as well. When she buys a gallery at Mason’s urging and hires Jamie as her assistant she starts to feel empowered, even sexy, again. Then in walks Collins. An older-than-he-looks sculptor who makes his interest in her no secret. Unable to resist she ignores her internal warnings and goes for it. A huge mistake?

Liz and Collins start off fast and keep up that pace. What Liz doesn’t know will hurt her, and although Collins is doing what he is for the right reasons, pain is never an acceptable result. When the truth of Collins purpose surfaces Liz is inconsolable at the betrayal. Can they come back from such a blow?

A good read with a touch of mystery. While Collins and Liz had chemistry it was constantly overshadowed by what was to come, and it wasn’t going to be good. Liz’s first foray into dating after a divorce proved to be a trial by fire. How much will you forgive when you meet your soul mate? Liz finds out the hard way.

Book Blurb for Beginning Again

Liz Fairchild is through with relationships. Widowed in her twenties, now divorced halfway through her forties, it’s time to live life for herself. No man need apply. With the proceeds from her divorce settlement—and business advice from an unexpected source—she opens an art gallery in Northwest Portland, trades her McMansion on the Columbia River for an apartment above her gallery, and looks forward to her new, independent life.

Everything is working out. She thinks.

Then Collins, a sculptor who claims to have only one name, walks into her gallery. He’s tall, rugged, and way younger than she is. He says he’s looking for a gallery to represent him in Portland and, unwilling to take no for an answer to anything, bulldozes his way into her life—and her bed.

But Liz hesitates. She senses that Collins is not exactly who—or what—he seems. What’s the mysterious business he disappears to conduct? And does it have a connection with why he came into her gallery?

And which would hurt the most—falling for him or losing him?

Sensuality Level: Hot

Peggy Bird is a writer and glass artist who lives and works in Vancouver, Washington.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2012 3.50