Bedroom Bully

El shared a deep pain with her family and is being punished for it. The big reveal was truly horrifying and had me gasping out loud. Poor El! The evolution of her coping mechanism has led her to needing her sexual partner to hurt her. Not “let’s play with a whip” kind of pain but real pain. How sad.

Jud is selected for the part of abusive sexual partner but he refuses to play. When El leaves Jud can’t get her out of his head. When he approaches El with his own conditions the story got a little warmer and not so depressing. He’s willing to work with her to help her, but to also satisfy his own curiosity. That I got.

The beginning of this story kind of creeped me out. El is a woman with a deep psychological issue, and yes she has had professional help. What is killing her is herself. I felt the author described El to the point I felt her pain and understood her needs, but Jud was left less so. He is portrayed as a stand up guy who initially refuses her offer but comes back with his own conditions. While the story didn’t end as I would have liked, the promise of a normal future is there for El.

Book Blurb for Bedroom Bully

El Lively needs to be punished and after more than a few auditions, she’s found the perfect man for the job. Her body is up for grabs. Not her heart, and definitely not her secrets, but Jud has other ideas.

Jud Kincaid agrees to El’s more-than-indecent proposal, but he’s after more than the physical. He wants an explanation for her sexual kinks, and a way into her heart. El’s being stubborn, but lucky for Jud, he’s just signed on to be her own personal Bedroom Bully.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 3.50