Be Mine

The Edge

Jason has been a man on a mission for a year. Last Valentine’s Day he had a night he can’t forget with a woman he can’t find. He’s put his considerable resources into locating her, sure she’s the one. Once she’s located he bides his time, makes his plans. Now it’s Valentine’s Day again and his mystery woman, Mara Richardson, is within his sights. She’ll never be out of them again if he has any say in it.

Mara can’t forget the man she experienced passion with. But it wasn’t the right time. Fresh from a failed relationship she gave him a false name and left quietly the next morning, never expecting to see him again. Now a year later he’s at her door, and by the look on his face her sneaking out days are over.

Loved the possessive but not spooky personality that Jason had. It could have felt creepy as he searched for her but his intents were romantic, not dangerous. Mara did the right thing at the time and fortunately for her Jason didn’t let her go. If his patience and perseverance of a year weren’t her first clue he’s a keeper I don’t know what more she needed. A really sexy read that had an edge I liked.

Book Blurb for Be Mine

Why shouldn’t an eligible man like Jason Sherwood plan a Valentine’s Day merger with a woman whose elegant body melted at his touch last year on February fourteenth? A mysterious woman who disappeared like a wraith. A vibrant creature who came apart in his arms like only the right woman does for the right man.

But Mara Richardson left Jason for a good reason…and after a year of looking for her, he still doesn’t know why. But he has to learn. Has to get her naked, wild for him again. Give her those little sugary candies that say, Be Mine, and show her that, despite only hours with her last year, he needs her to be his. Forever.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.00