Be Careful What You Wish For

The Swann Sisters Chronicles Book 2

The title says it all. We have all heard the saying, but in this woman's world it is critical. Cass is the artist in the family and has all the foibles that go with it. She's a tad bit self absorbed, and reserves her creativity for her art. When she is informed by her sister of the intended lawsuit against the family's unwanted Fairy Godmother she is appalled, as this line in the sand is being drawn days before Cass has to make her wish.

Enter the Court Appointed Elf Jacobin O'Shea. Will Ferrell he's not; more like Colin Ferrell. And so the adventure of suing one's Fairy Godmother begins.

With vivid imagery this story bounces along at a pleasant pace that entertains every step of the way. The initial dislike between Jake and Cass is obviously something more to all observing. The misadventures in court, the hidden racism in the realm, and the not-so-hidden racism provided plenty of entertainment. We then add in Cass's grandmother's lack of common sense and total naivete and the fun never stops. With Jake and Cass forced to work together, what is really happening between them starts to bloom, much to the dismay of Jake's former fiance.

While fanciful and light, there is plenty of steam as well as misunderstandings and hurt feelings. The journey from dislike to destined was fun to follow and makes a girl wish she too could visit the land of the fae.

Book Blurb for Be Careful What You Wish For

How do you sue your Fairy Godmother?

When Cassandra Swaan ends up in court with her malicious Fairy Godmother,

the odds are stacked against her.

At least she has a lawyer--or a Court-Appointed Elf.

But who ever heard of a tall, muscular elf?

Jacobin O'Shea is rude, arrogant...and completely mouthwatering...especially when he has to heal her using his Touch Magic.

Can Cass resist him or will she wind up in Fairy prison?

Read Be Careful What You Wish For to find out.

How do you sue your Fairy Godmother?

Cassandra Swann is about to find out. Because she and her sisters are 1/8th fairy--not enough to do any magic--just enough to get them a Fairy Godmother from hell whose reckless spells makes their lives miserable. When her older sister decides to take the FG to court, Cass gets caught in the crossfire. Hit by their godmother with a disastrous birthday wish, she is in danger of losing what she loves most--her ability to paint.

Because the court is in the realm of the Fae, Cass and her sisters have a Court Appointed Elf who acts as their attorney slash bodyguard. But who ever heard of a 6 foot 4 muscular elf with coal-black hair and intense green eyes? Sparks fly the first minute Cass meets Jacobin O'Shea. She resents his high-handed ways and Jake thinks Cass is a spoiled human brat. But after he saves her from a soul-sucker and sees her art, things begin to change between them.

But Cass's ability to paint is still screwed up. Every painting she attempts climbs off the canvas and makes trouble in the real world. When the Fae court assigns her a new Fairy Godmother, things get exponentially worse when her new wish multiplies her living art. To make matters even more difficult, Jake's ex-fiancée--a gorgeous, anorexiclly-thin fairy--has Cass in her crosshairs and is determined to ruin anything that might grow between them. And did we mention Cass's grandmother is going on disastrous dates that fill the house with Star Trek conventioneers, bikers, and nudists?

It's a mess only magic could make...or fix.

Will Cass and Jake ever get past their differences? Will Cass regain her ability to paint without every painting stepping off the canvas? (Really, Fairy Godmother?) And will Cass's grandmother find a man without burning down the house?

You'll have to read Be Careful What You Wish For, the second book in the Swann Sisters Chronicles to find out.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2018 4.50