You know that friend who has to always do things her way, even though it’s not the best course of action? That’s Dr. Ruth Parker, only her annoying behavior is taking place during the zombie apocalypse. A little compromise and common sense are needed, and she isn’t reading the memo. I found her irritating and sanctimonious at the beginning of the book, and her need for an attitude adjustment found it’s match in Captain Jack Lang.

Jack was an alpha without being an ass. The world is being reborn and he’s using tried and true methods of times past to keep order and civilization. Is it archaic and sexist? Yup, and it’s really alright since he’s not abusing the people involved, just showing them a new way to live.

The story was well done and very fast paced. The sense of danger and denial was conveyed without extinguishing all hope in the women. These are smart women, all professionals in their fields, and they are an asset in the New World. But the pairing of like with like is a thing of the past and the new arrangements are amicable to all involved if not welcomed.

I really enjoyed the story, and hope the author writes about the two other professionals that Ruth had with her and how their pairings go. There are so many directions the story can go and I was a little disappointed with the abrupt ending of the book. But in the end, Ruth sees the truth of what is happening in the world and her feelings for the annoying yet appealing Jack. A good read.

Book Blurb for Base

The world’s gone to hell, and her only chance of survival is the sexy, dominant soldier determined to keep her safe…

Doctor Ruth Parker has always taken care of herself, and that’s what she’s doing now, hiding out in her apartment and avoiding her neighbours: once privileged Mosman residents, now flesh-eating braindeads, thanks to the virus that’s turned her world?and everyone else’s?to hell.

Captain Jack Lang has always taken care of others, and with the newly secured Base he and his loyal commandos control the only safe place in the city. But the Base has needs that he can’t meet?doctors. And women. So when he discovers Ruth and her two friends in an unsafe apartment, he brings them back to Base where he knows he can keep them safe, and where he will do anything to make them stay.

Ruth is used to giving orders, not taking them, and the Captain’s methods for making sure she stays put don’t gel with her fierce independent streak. But the world has changed, and Jack will make Ruth understand that he is in charge and that her survival is more important than her control-freak tendencies?even if he has to chain her to the bed to do it.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2015 4.00