Barbarian's Bride

Do you know what power an unmarried woman had in the year 877? None. Merwenna, goddaughter of King Alfred of Wessex, finds out first hand what it is to be a pawn, an object of two men’s desire, and just how strong she really is. 
Eric is the bastard son of a king. He is the current King’s right hand man and half brother. The time he lives in is a violent one. Rape and pillage is a saying that was born in this era. But Eric grows tired of his cold, brutal ways, and dreams of a wife and children. 
Barbarian’s Bride was an emotional roller coaster that seemed to have an obvious direction, then would curve and throw me off. The situations that presented themselves were shocking, to say the least. I was constantly surprised. This story had a strong heroine who was ahead of her time, a reformed hero who had been just as bad as those he fought with and against. There was also a royal villain that pushed the limits to the extreme. 
While this was a great read, what truly hit home was the love felt between Eric and Merwenna, and the lengths they were willing to go to in order to stay together. If you want to enjoy a truly engrossing read, this will certainly deliver. 


Book Blurb for Barbarian's Bride

Erik the Terror, half brother to King Guthrum of the Danes, is yearning for more than rape and pillage. He dreams of a beautiful young woman whose pain and sorrow only he can heal. Merwenna the Saxon dreams of a powerful blond warrior whose love will make her forget the way King Alfred the Great brutally raped her. They meet when the Danes capture Chippenham fortress, where Alfred has left Merwenna and her father to die. Erik immediately takes her under his protection, convinced she is his destiny.

Erik guesses the truth about Merwenna's past and helps her to find love and sexual healing with him. But will King Alfred leave them alone or will his obsessive need to possess her threaten the love and happiness that Erik and Merwenna have found in each other's arms?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of medieval warfare including rape.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 4.50