Bad Kitty

Bram makes no excuses for his reputation, but does that mean he’s actually earned it?  Known to dabble with married women, Bram has never pursued an innocent.  He is guilty of fulfilling women’s fantasies of erotic punishment, but it is all consensual.  When Katrina Hartford, portraying herself as a maid named Kitty Hartley, applies for a position as a maid at his estate, he’s intrigued.  He’s also determined to find out her motivation for her ruse.  Thinking she would run at the first sign of impropriety, he is stunned and aroused at her acquiescence, and obvious desire for submission.  But how far will he go?

Katrina doesn’t want to marry, ever.  And financially, she will never have to.  She puts all her passion into her alter ego Alistair Allenby, a social columnist.  After hearing of Bram’s improprieties with a young lady and his refusal to do right by her, she takes up her pen to fight for justice on the lady’s behalf.  But when she inserts herself into his home to discover his dastardly deeds firsthand, she finds herself helpless to resist his lure.  She discovers things she never suspected about herself, and discovers the real man in the process.

Set in the time of social appearance and private indulgences, “Bad Kitty” hit all my favorite highlights in a romance.  With the added danger of domination and submission, I found it difficult to put the book down.  The discovery of personal power, forgiveness, and love made for an engrossing read.  The intimate scenes between Bram and Kitty were erotic as expected, but provided more than just scintillation.  Not to be missed.

Book Blurb for Bad Kitty

Bram Barclay is the scandal of London society, sought out by ladies of the ton who enjoy his brand of pleasurable punishments. That’s why he cannot comprehend why innocent Miss Katrina Hartford has disguised herself as Kitty Hartley, taking a position as a maid at his estate. When he attempts to ferret out her secret, he finds her a willing servant, indeed.
No one knows scathing social columnist Alistair Allenby is Kitty’s nom de plume—or that she’s writing an article to expose Bram. But as she submits to his torturous toys, it’s Kitty who is exposed, indulging her unspoken desires to find true freedom, power…and love.
Reader Advisory: While not a true depiction of a BDSM lifestyle, Bad Kitty contains its share of tantalizing taboos. And spankings. Lots and lots of spankings.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 4.50